100 Creatives Podcast Interview!
Adorable cover art for 100Creatives by  @brandi_kincaid

Adorable cover art for 100Creatives by @brandi_kincaid

Hey Friends! 

I have an exciting update. A while back a fellow creative reached out to me about a podcast project she was starting up and asked if I would be willing to do an interview for it. She introduced herself as Sally Harris and said that she was hoping to collect interviews from 100 creatives participating in the 100 Day Project on Instagram to share a bit about them and their projects.  I happily obliged as the 100 Day Project is one of my favorite endeavors to take on each year, and this year I'm especially excited about my project and the way it's going so far. Sally and I had a delightful chat filled with stories of how I got my start, where my ideas come from, and what advice I have for other artists and makers hoping to take on creative projects of their own. It was just like chatting with a friend over coffee. There are three episodes of the podcast available currently, as well as a short intro in which Sally introduces the show and explains her intentions behind the project, all in her ever charming Australian accent. 

So, if you want to hear how I got my start in surface deign, where my inspiration comes from, or how much I love the new Beauty and the Beast movie, be sure to tune in! I also share my favorite paint markers which I get a ton of questions about.  

Click Below for the episode! (which can also be found on iTunes and Stitcher under 100 Creatives - Episode 2)


I hope you all enjoy it!